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About the Relevant Cooperation Service

Starting a new worker cooperative business requires several steps. An important step is, find potential business partners. Relevant Cooperation is a tool designed to do just that, help you “find potential business partners”.

Start the Relevant Cooperation Service by clicking here. The service is free to use. The only thing you need to supply, is your email address.

Our screen-cast (video) details what the Relevant Cooperation Service is, and how to use it.

What is a Worker Cooperative

A Worker Cooperative is a Business where the workers:

  • Own the business.
  • Manage the business.
  • Perform the work.
  • Are all business partners.

Becoming a member of a Worker’s Cooperative

If you are interested in becoming a member of a Worker Cooperative, there are two options available to you:

  • Apply for a job at an Existing Worker’s Cooperative.
  • Start a new Worker’s Cooperative.

The Relevant Cooperation Service is for folks who are interested in the second option: starting a new Worker Cooperative. The service helps you find potential business partners, and then exchange contact information with them.

Why use an online service?

There are many talented, available workers. The challenge is to find folks who share your business interests and/or, have complementary skills.

For example, there may be one group of workers who are interested in cutting hair. There may be another group of workers who are interested in creating and selling art online.

An online service can filter a large list of workers, for you (E.G. find all the workers interested in "cutting hair"). An online service allows you to define a set of criteria, then use the criteria to filter a large group of workers.

Criteria for starting a new Worker’s Cooperative Business

The Relevant Cooperation Service uses the following criteria:

  • Business Ideas and Concepts.
  • Skills and Services you need from your business partners.

In addition, you define what skills and services, you can provide to the business.

How much typing do I need to do? Is there a lot of forms to fill out?

The Relevant Cooperation Service is informal. There are no complicated forms to fill out. We've designed the service to require as little typing as possible. We encourage you to express yourself by just entering a few keywords. I.E. use the service like you use a search engine (E.G. Google).

For example, I can describe my skills and services with a few short keywords (AKA terms):

  • web developer
  • computer programmer
  • can work remotely

Note! you aren't composing a resume. You are just giving folks a brief description of what type of skills and services you can provide.

But I need partners with very specific skills and services?

Relevant Cooperation allows you to send your potential business partners a (proposal) message. You can specify detailed requirements in the proposal message.


We designed the Relevant Cooperation Service to perform a small set of tasks (I.E. find potential business partners and exchange contact information). We wanted to create a service that would attract folks exclusively interested in starting a worker cooperative. By keeping the service simple, and small in scope, we can provide help to the broadest audience.

We encourage you to check out our screen-cast (video) for more details.



A Community Project

“Relevant Cooperation” is designed to be a community project. Thus, if you are interested in sharing your ideas and/or time, please email us at:

Source code is available at: